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Located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Weisheng cosmetic packaging company is a private enterprise with a history of more than ten years. Now it has developed into a certain scale of medium-sized enterprises, excellent equipment, high quality of personnel, advanced technology, has a high reputation in the Pearl River Delta region. Our factory has several years of rich experience in product production, design, printing, bronzing and silver stamping, spray color and so on. Our factory specializes in the production of cosmetic packaging bottles, cosmetic packaging materials, cosmetic glass bottles, emulsion bottles, cream bottles, mask bottles, all kinds of packaging. First class technical workers, advanced production equipment make us walk in the forefront of the industry.

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Lotion is a liquid cream skin care product. It looks like pure white milk, so it is called emulsion. The emulsion has good moisturizing effect and moisturizing effect. It is especially suitable for dry spring and autumn two seasons. If the skin is neutral, it can also be used in winter. When used in spring and autumn, in addition to moisturizing effect, it can also isolate the external dry climate, prevent the skin from losing water too quickly, and avoid skin cracking and peeling. It is a necessary skin care product for going out in dry season. The composition of the emulsion is similar to that of the solid cream. It is only solid oil. The former is less than the latter. In fact, the formula must be chosen according to the characteristics of the products required, considering the factors such as performance, stability, safety and viscosity. The main components are hydrocarbons or esters, high-carbon alcohols, fatty acids and so on. Surfactants include fatty acid soap, non-ionic active agent. The water-based components include refined water, low-carbon alcohol, polyols, water-soluble polymer compounds, etc. The emulsion bottle is a container for emulsion. The main materials are glass latex bottle, plastic emulsion bottle, pet emulsion bottle and so on. For cosmetic bottles, we pay less attention. Today, we will check the lotion bottle carefully. The types of emulsion bottles, their advantages and so on are analyzed. First of all, wide mouth emulsion bottles, which are relatively few at present. The consumer directly opens the cap and fingers to use the emulsion. The biggest advantage of this kind of emulsion bottle is that there are relatively few residues, and consumers can use the emulsion to the greatest extent. The material of wide mouth emulsion bottle is mainly glass. Secondly, it is the most popular emulsion bottle in the market, which is mainly obtained by extrusion. It's very convenient for consumers to use. The disadvantage is that the emulsion will remain at the pump head, and it will remain in the bottle, which is not easy to run out, resulting in waste of resources. The material of this kind of emulsion bottle is mainly PE plastic. Finally, there is another type of emulsion bottle, of course, is the hose type emulsion bottle, this kind of emulsion bottle is also more convenient to use, and the packaging cost is relatively low. However, the biggest problem with this kind of emulsion bottle is its low appearance and appearance. Cream in a broad sense, it is a kind of emulsifying products with skin care function. According to the appearance, it can be divided into cream (soft texture) and cream (hard texture); according to the oil content, it can be divided into snow cream, neutral cream (moisturizing cream) and balm; according to the emulsified dosage form, it can be divided into oil in water (O / W), water in oil (w / O) and composite emulsion (w / O / W or O / w / O); according to the used milk Chemical agent emulsification can be divided into traditional reactive soap based emulsification, mixed emulsification and non reactive emulsification. Cream bottle is the container for cream. The main materials are glass cream bottle, plastic cream bottle, pet cream bottle and so on. Cream bottle is an important category in cosmetic packaging. Almost all cosmetic bottle combination sets involve cream bottles. Cream packaging materials and forms are: glass bottles, plastic bottles and hose. Today, the characteristics of various packaging forms will be elaborated one by one. Hose, which is the main form of cream bottle in recent years, has more professional cosmetics hose professional enterprises in China. The hose is very convenient for the extrusion of cream materials, which is the biggest advantage of the soft tube cream bottle. It should be said that this gives the user the best experience, and has a strong advantage in the packaging cost. Glass cream bottle, relatively speaking, is the most high-end packaging form. Some manufacturers will consider using glass cream bottle in order to reflect the quality of products. But the glass cream bottle is not convenient to carry, and the glass cream bottle is very difficult to extrude in the use process, which is very bad in the user experience. The plastic cream bottle is between the above two packaging forms, and its cost is lower than that of glass bottle. In addition, the plastic cream bottle is more convenient in matching cover, which solves the problem of cream extrusion to a certain extent. Cream bottles can be made of many materials: plastic, pet, glass, hose, metal and so on. Manufacturers put cream into bottles of different materials, but consumers don't know what kind of chemical reaction will occur between cosmetics and bottles, or dilute harmful substances to skin. Cream bottle is closely related to quality, hygiene, safety and preservation. Consumers should not only appreciate the aesthetics and creativity of cream bottle, but also consider the material and preservation method of cream bottle. The most common packaging materials are plastic, glass and metal. Although plastic materials have advantages in high plasticity, transportation and weight, they are not suitable for cream bottles because of their poor heat insulation, cleaning and solvent resistance. Metal materials are limited in molding. Most containers are cylinders and wide mouth bottles, and cream is mainly pure ointment. Most of them are used as bottle caps, caps and other accessories. In addition, the heat resistance, light resistance and solvent resistance of glass materials are absolutely superior. Therefore, unless it is inferior glass, the packaging material of maintenance products is glass. Sales and prospects of cream bottles Through the types of cosmetic packaging bottles, we can know its types and general direction of use. At present, the most popular products on the market are whitening, moisturizing, anti sloughing and so on. Therefore, what we see most in large shopping malls are cosmetics packaging such as hose and cream bottle. But at present, because of its soft and beautiful shape, hose packaging has begun